Booths for Sale

We can't give too many secrets away, but the pictures here demonstrate that we make our mini and giant, superior quality Photo Booths right here in Wisconsin. We did a bit of research before starting our company and discovered that the franchise model was just not for us. Why? Costs! Agreements with other people can be hard especially when it comes to a new business owner. The fine print can murder your profit margins and make this adventure a nightmare. For example, we looked into franchising our brand out and found that in accounting auditing services alone that we would be looking at at least $5,000 per year. Plus restricitons is really the number one reason we are not franchising our booth systems. If we go out of business then all of our franchises go out of business. If we require you to contribute to our bottom line and you do not or are not able to make the revenue goals then the business agreement goes haywire and then the courts get involved. We think you get the picture here. Finally, besides upholding our awesome reputation, the other issue is selling your franchise once you have burnt yourself out. Finding new owners for an existing wedding and corporate event services business is near impossible. Bottom line here is that we are saving you time and some big mistakes.

Finally, we are not here to take your profits. Most franchises not only take a percentage for their overall brand marketing but also require 5-15% of your total revenue to be a participant in the franchise. If you are truly interested in opening your own photo booth company feel free to email us. We manufacture our own photo booths and have sold them to many start-up companies along with even some commercial partners. Shoot us an email: smile at